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March 8, 2004

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Gordie Felger

To Whom It May Concern:

Gordie worked on my team as an intern web developer from April, 2003, through June, 2003, creating and/or maintaining several of our web sites. During his brief time here, he proved himself to be a very capable web developer.

I am particularly impressed by Gordie's ability to pick up new skills very quickly. When he arrived, he was in the process of completing his coursework in basic web development skills (primarily HTML and CSS) at Kirkwood Community College and was looking for some practical experience. By the time he left us twelve weeks later, he had learned the foundations of ASP.Net and Visual Basic.Net (primarily on his own, through reading books, viewing training videos, and experimentation) and had applied what he had learned on web sites that are still being used in a production environment. When he did have questions, he frequently researched the answers himself before seeking assistance from others, and he usually came up with good solutions to the problems. His determination, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are commendable. It is very clear from watching him work that he is an able and experienced programmer, and this experience will serve him well as he continues to adapt his skills to the field of web development.

In return for his twelve weeks of unpaid work with us, all Gordie asked was a chance to learn and an honest recommendation from me. I am happy to be able to give not only an honest recommendation, but an enthusiastic one. Gordie has the potential to become an outstanding web developer. He would be an asset to any company, and I strongly recommend him for your position.


Ed Leighton-Dick
Web Development Manager
Gazette Communications

"Gordie exhibits a very professional attitude and has earned the trust of his co-workers. When difficult issues arise, he consistently maintains a can-do attitude."

-- Sean Greenwalt, Supervisor, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

"Gordie loves to help other members of our team. When someone has a question or is looking for input, Gordie willingly shares his knowledge and experience. Gordie maintains a good attendance record and is considerate of how his absences affect his team and his projects."

-- Jon Ryan, Supervisor, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

"Gordie is very committed to delivering a high-quality product. Gordie asks a lot of probing questions and makes sure he has all of the pertinent information before he begins his work to ensure he delivers what the client wants."

-- Matt Youngblut, Supervisor, Geonetric

"[Gordie is] willing to take on challenges. [His] code is meticulous, efficient and thorough. Great personality and team player. [His] drive to become a good programmer is one of his best attributes."

-- Sandra Van Wyk-Fancher, Supervisor, Geonetric

"Gordie is a good listener and keeps other team members informed about the status of his tasks . . . He shares necessary and appropriate information about improvements in technical processes . . ."

-- Sathishkumar Chinnakonda, Supervisor, Aegon USA

"Gordie was the first to code to the 834 standard, which required him to learn a new, complicated, and vastly tunable format with many options. He then taught others the 834 Interface nuances as other programmers got up to speed on their initial 834 Interface assignments."

-- Tim Simonton, Supervisor, Aegon USA

"Gordie identified a performance issue with PLBS and worked with the team to redesign parts of the PLBS system to eliminate the problem."

-- Richard Shoemaker, Supervisor, MCI Telecommunications

"Gordie requires minimal supervision because he knows what he needs to do and how to do it. When given a task, he completes it without prompting."

-- Terry Craft, Supervisor, MCI Telecommunications

"I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Gordie for his service to this community and the Jaycees. Gordie has been a mainstay in this organization for 20 years . . . If we as members can do half the things Gordie has done in his Jaycee career, we'll be doing well."

-- Todd Mosier, Past President, North Liberty Jaycees

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